Avaunt! To Ye Olde Theatre, Robin!


Ruby: Ginger, what are you doing?

Ginger: What does it look like I’m doing? I’m taking notes.

Ruby: Stop.

Ginger: Stop what?

Ruby: Stop taking notes.

Ginger: Why? Anywhere else, you’d be proud of me for taking notes when someone is lecturing.

Ruby: She’s not lecturing to us, Ginger. She’s performing. It’s a play.

Ginger: Not with her “acting.”

Elle: Will you two, please, hush? People are beginning to get annoyed.

Ruby: Most of all the actress on stage.

Ginger: Honestly, I wasn’t doing anything wrong, Ruby started it!

Elle: I don’t care who started it, I’m ending it!

Ruby: Who made her Mom?

Ginger: You better watch it, you’ll get grounded. You know what that means…

Ruby: No phonecalls, no TV and no dessert.

Elle: Do I need to separate you two?

Ginger: Does she really need to ask that?

Ruby: Does she really think separating us will…

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