Looney Tunes that Aren’t so Looney

Summer Setting

-1 Do you have friends who send you lots of forwards? I have several, and I appreciate each one! Margaret and my cousin Jim send me political forwards that sometimes make me mad. (Of course, I have to check them out and see if our nation is really as crazy as it appears to be…although…sadly…if often is 😦 .)-2 My cousin Phylis sends me forwards that are encouraging, fuzzy, and sweet, like this one. I always know I’ll feel warm inside after reading her forwards.-3 Maya’s forwards are almost always outrageous, but they’re often outrageously funny and make me laugh. I tell her she should start a “laugh a day” column!-4 My big brother Wolle is a gentle soul. He doesn’t send many forwards, but I know they’ll be worth reading and will make me think. My big brother Rob hardly ever sends me a forward, but if he does, I…

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