Pete Armetta

long gone are the days
when I lived for you
made sure you were happy
watched out for your feelings
i waited on you

oh well

long gone are the times
i took steps for you
got myself out of bed
and made the first move
forever reaching out

that’s done

now things are better
i don’t know what you think
because I don’t know you anymore
see now things are good
they weren’t before
a person can’t live for another

they wind up alone

like I am right now
since I live for myself
living for you wasn’t easy
i’ve learned i can meet
a person halfway
or choose not to meet them at all.

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Sarah Painter


I’m at the discovery stage of my WIP, which involves lots of staring out of the window, thinking about my book while I’m watching TV or when other people are talking to me (sorry!), making a book collage, a soundtrack, and doing lots of free-writing.

The last bit is the most important. I call it my ‘zero draft’ because it’s not even cohesive enough to be called a ‘shitty first draft’.

I love this stage. It’s exciting and highly creative, and it’s the perfect time for a knitting project. I like having something to do while I’m thinking (there’s a reason ideas come when I’m in the shower or driving), and it has to be something simple and repetitive so that my mind is free to roam. This ‘one row lace scarf’ pattern from Give Me A Purl is perfect.

I’m making one in a lovely green-blue sock yarn and 5mm…

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Thank you for the wonderful response to my call for pattern testers! Several lovely ladies are currently playing around with my pattern draft and I am super curious to see what they come up with! In the meantime, to appease my impatience, I thought I’d join in with the testing.

This little thing is such a quick knit, it really takes no time at all, so it wasn’t difficult to decide to cast on this second version.

So far the most difficult thing about pattern writing has been knowing where to stop! I am constantly getting new ideas… Oh the cast on could be done like this. And I could include another version for the bind off. Maye I should note that the colourwork can be moved to another section. Wouldn’t it be fun to include an alternative chart to give people more options. Shouldn’t I do several sizing options…

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