Project 1: Day 12

Oscars-2015-Nominations-Announced-Live-Stream-470108-2So, the OSCARS!! Leonardo DiCaprio!! ( oh don’t worry this post isn’t about them, probably because I didn’t even watch the awards 😀 )

My day started with my waking up late, meaning that I missed breakfast 😦 then I found out that classes had been cancelled for the day, YAY! I was excited to have my Monday off and read a book (what else would you do, right?). The reason, which I found out later, was that the city was on red-alert for the day, due to an execution that took place. Come 5:00, it was announced that the university would remain closed for the next two days. The news that turned out to be the cherry on top was, “we couldn’t go out since the university itself was under some threats”, even the students who left for home were provided with transport, by the university. So, I rushed to our nearest cafe and brought some stuff since, you know, everything would be closed for God knows how long.

So here I am, can’t leave campus for the next two days, there is some serious issue with the network’s signals and I’m alone in my room (my roommate went home) 😦

Well the good news is, I can catch up on the much desired rest that I needed.

Guys please pray nothing goes wrong? My university as well as my sister’s have been receiving serious threats. The army and universities themselves are taking steps to ensure our safety but .. Let’s hope for the best!?!


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