Project 1: Day 7


I had a relatively less busy day today so I treated myself to a movie! It turns out, the girl and guy don’t need to end up together for a movie to be great. I mean, there are a few exaggerations, but it’s a movie after all.  If you have seen it, watch it again. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

So I had a surprise quiz today, happy to say that it went great =D hope I get a good grade!

I just found out that another one of my classmates got engaged, this was the 6th one! What’s with all these engagements and weddings?!?

Ba-bye for now!



Project 1: Day 6

So I had a pretty busy day. Starting off with 2 hours of sleep, I attended classes from 11 to 7, without break! You can’t imagine my mental state by the time I got back. And I didn’t get time to eat anything, till dinner, as well. But the dinner was worth the wait, the rice were amazing!

And I made chocolate cake! It’s so crazy soft, you wouldn’t believe it. And my roomie made Mac and cheese, delicious!!!


Project 1: Day 5

So today I found out about one of the projects that I’m supposed to do, it’s 30% of my final grade and it’s so scary and big that I could easily pass it on as my Final Project =( Thankfully I have a good team to work with( I really hope they are good, fingers crossed! )

Oh I almost forgot, today I got this crazy obsession to do make-up( I’m not one for daily make-up since I have no idea how to do it). I put on my foundation and blush-on( a bit too much I think), mascara and…. a dark maroon lipstick!! I love the color!! and I found out that my (expensive) foundation, that I have barely used, expires in 5 months.

Hope you have a great day!!IMG-20160223-01319.jpg

Project 1: Day 4

Hey! I know this post is 24 hours late but there was something going on with my wordpress so…yeah.

Well Sunday was mostly my bed and me =D What can I say, I LOVE MY BED!!! and I did a bit of preparation for the Chinese language course.

Oh and I got a bit depressed at night. I was going through some old things and remembered something that triggered it, but I’m good now!! Ba-bye!!IMG-20160222-01315

Project 1: Day 3

Hey everyone! So I helped my roommate make chocolate cake today! more of a cupcake actually =D It tasted soooo good! (I know it doesn’t look that good, but just trust me!)

Not much happened otherwise and I barely got out of my room. And oh the breakfast was amazing!! And so was dinner =D I’m lucky, mashaAllah =)

I have my Chinese language test next month, I’m super worried! I’ve started preparing for it but all of it is so new that I don’t know what I’m going to do. My sister’s finals are going on, please pray that she does well!


Project 1: Day 2


Isn’t this an amazing resume? I mean I would hire the guy immediately!

I know, I know, I was supposed to take a picture not just post any image but the truth is: I didn’t get out of my bed all day =D Sorry! And I chose this particular image since it seemed quite in rhythm with what I have been doing all day long: applying for jobs and internships. I’m graduating soon, inshaAllah, and I have no idea where I’m going. I hope I can get a job before I graduate! Oh, I’m also applying for scholarships for my Masters degree, so hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on at least one of the two!

Well, wish me luck!

Oh I almost forgot, it rained today! with thunder and what not! it was amazing!! =D

Project 1: Day 1

It was an extremely tiring day; running throughout the campus for one thing or another, and still missed a class! And to top it all, I forgot to take a picture. This fact, I remembered while walking( I try to take out an hour for myself every night, to think over the events of the day), and so I took the picture of something that represents, what matters to me, peace. If you haven’t guessed already, “I’m an introvert”.

So I have to say I spent the last 24 hours without sidetracking from my objectives, successfully. 1 down, 29 to go. Wish me luck!IMG-20160218-01304