Project 1: Day 9

IMG-20160227-01335.jpgI had the day off so waking up late was a must =D But the day was quite productive since I got a lot done! I even managed to arrange my scarves!! (trust me it’s a big deal!)

Most of the hostellites went home today so the hostel’s quite empty, especially at night, and it gets kind of scary.

Talking of scares, I got a huge one tonight. I am supposed to go to my cousin’s convocation tomorrow and had sent my dress for ironing. I lost track of time and remembered 1 whole hour after the laundry room had closed =( To cut a long story short, I pestered a few people, ran a few miles (=D) and finally had them open it for me! and all this running around almost cost me my dinner.



make a move…

If you want to lead, don’t ask others to do what you’re not willing to do. Don’t demand others to stay late on the day of your early golf outing. Don’t demand quality and send emails with typos. Don’t be snippy, snide, or sardonic. Do what others aren’t willing to do. Do whatever it takes to finish. Look forward rather than over your shoulder to see who’s following.