Project 1: Day 11

Hey there! hope you are having a great time and may you have a more than amazing life! My Sunday started off with a bang! i.e, the breakfast was amazing ūüėČ

Had to study so, I went back to sleep =D Woke up late and started studying (boring…)

Later , me and my roomie, decided to make a cake and, since we couldn’t come to a decision about which one, we made two! I made a lemon sponge cake and she made a chocolate one =D both were delicious but mine was better (promise!).

It’s getting warmer everyday =( I miss winter already!! Nowadays even walking to class is torture, the heat =/ and to imagine there’s at least 7 more months of this! (sigh!)

Well, trying to make the best of things, I have this( Image attached) as my desktop wallpaper =D Yes, it is from the same album as yesterday’s.




Project 1: Day 9

IMG-20160227-01335.jpgI had the day off so waking up late was a must =D But the day was quite productive since I got a lot done! I even managed to arrange my scarves!! (trust me it’s a big deal!)

Most of the hostellites went home today so the hostel’s quite empty, especially at night, and it gets kind of scary.

Talking of scares, I got a huge one tonight. I am supposed to go to my cousin’s convocation tomorrow and had sent my dress for ironing. I lost track of time and remembered 1 whole hour after the laundry room¬†had closed =( To cut a long story short, I pestered a few people, ran a few miles (=D) and finally had them open it for me! and all this running around almost cost me my dinner.


your dream

in this life you can never¬†guarantee¬†anything…

you dream about something since you were little and droll at the mere thought of being able to achieve it and when you are at arms distance from achieving it…you are faced by some small thing that won’t let you move forward no matter how much you do it and now you can only think about and now your only happiness is the thought that you were so close ….

i don’t¬†know¬†what loving someone means for the rest of the world but what i do¬†know¬†is that i love you more than i have ever loved anyone else. whenever i have joined my hands to pray i never asked God to make you mine, just asked him to keep you as happy as possible and to give you a partner who’ll be able to give you every happiness in life. people could say that this isn’t the”true love”, but i know one thing that all i want in this life is to see you happy and contented and since i don’t know if i’ll be able to do it i would never ask God to force my company over you.¬†