Project 1: Day 13

Silence is beautiful, isn’t it? I’ve read about awkward, as well as suffocating silence, but thankfully have never experienced it. To me silence is this amazingly beautiful thing; something really plain yet so elegant that you can never have enough of it. I’m sorry if i’m confusing you but the last 24 hours have been so peaceful *contented sigh* I’ve had my room all to myself 😉 My roommate’s gone home. Don’t get me wrong, she’s amazing but being alone is just too good =D

I was up all night working so I had my breakfast at 9 and then went to sleep 😉 my mother would be sooooo angry if she knew but how would she know, right?! I then woke up around 4, missing lunch by 30 minutes =( Thankfully I had some bread and butter with me so YAY!!

The city was relatively peaceful today, so hopefully our classes will start from Thursday. And no, I’m not excited about going to school but it’s my final semester and every single day counts. A lot.

Missing winters *sigh*IMG-20131110-00383.jpg


Project 1: Day 11

Hey there! hope you are having a great time and may you have a more than amazing life! My Sunday started off with a bang! i.e, the breakfast was amazing 😉

Had to study so, I went back to sleep =D Woke up late and started studying (boring…)

Later , me and my roomie, decided to make a cake and, since we couldn’t come to a decision about which one, we made two! I made a lemon sponge cake and she made a chocolate one =D both were delicious but mine was better (promise!).

It’s getting warmer everyday =( I miss winter already!! Nowadays even walking to class is torture, the heat =/ and to imagine there’s at least 7 more months of this! (sigh!)

Well, trying to make the best of things, I have this( Image attached) as my desktop wallpaper =D Yes, it is from the same album as yesterday’s.



Project 1: Day 10

I went to my cousin’s convocation today! I mean, I had to wake up at 7 in the morning and miss breakfast =( , but it was nice. However, due to some stupid reason I can’t get the whole ceremony out of mind. It’s scary! the whole prospect of leaving the security of this institution and these people, even those I’m not friends with.

I came here 3 and a half years ago. Now I have 3 months left. I never planned on coming to this place, I don’t even remember why I applied. But 2 months before I was supposed to join the university that I wanted to go to, everything changed. In these last few years I have realized that what happened was, most probably, better for me and that whatever life throws at you, you come out stronger for it. But this, in no way, is a comfort, ever. After these 3 months, I have no idea what’s going to happen, and I’m scared, like hell.

Whenever I start panicking, I try to image something nice, something relaxing. This is from the time I went hiking, the only time, in these 3 years. Isn’t it pretty? I had flu and still went for the hike. There was so much snow! and I kept slipping =Dhameeza 3.jpg

Project 1: Day 7


I had a relatively less busy day today so I treated myself to a movie! It turns out, the girl and guy don’t need to end up together for a movie to be great. I mean, there are a few exaggerations, but it’s a movie after all.  If you have seen it, watch it again. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

So I had a surprise quiz today, happy to say that it went great =D hope I get a good grade!

I just found out that another one of my classmates got engaged, this was the 6th one! What’s with all these engagements and weddings?!?

Ba-bye for now!


Project 1: Day 5

So today I found out about one of the projects that I’m supposed to do, it’s 30% of my final grade and it’s so scary and big that I could easily pass it on as my Final Project =( Thankfully I have a good team to work with( I really hope they are good, fingers crossed! )

Oh I almost forgot, today I got this crazy obsession to do make-up( I’m not one for daily make-up since I have no idea how to do it). I put on my foundation and blush-on( a bit too much I think), mascara and…. a dark maroon lipstick!! I love the color!! and I found out that my (expensive) foundation, that I have barely used, expires in 5 months.

Hope you have a great day!!IMG-20160223-01319.jpg

Project 1: Day 3

Hey everyone! So I helped my roommate make chocolate cake today! more of a cupcake actually =D It tasted soooo good! (I know it doesn’t look that good, but just trust me!)

Not much happened otherwise and I barely got out of my room. And oh the breakfast was amazing!! And so was dinner =D I’m lucky, mashaAllah =)

I have my Chinese language test next month, I’m super worried! I’ve started preparing for it but all of it is so new that I don’t know what I’m going to do. My sister’s finals are going on, please pray that she does well!


Project 1: Day 1

It was an extremely tiring day; running throughout the campus for one thing or another, and still missed a class! And to top it all, I forgot to take a picture. This fact, I remembered while walking( I try to take out an hour for myself every night, to think over the events of the day), and so I took the picture of something that represents, what matters to me, peace. If you haven’t guessed already, “I’m an introvert”.

So I have to say I spent the last 24 hours without sidetracking from my objectives, successfully. 1 down, 29 to go. Wish me luck!IMG-20160218-01304