Project 1: Day 9

IMG-20160227-01335.jpgI had the day off so waking up late was a must =D But the day was quite productive since I got a lot done! I even managed to arrange my scarves!! (trust me it’s a big deal!)

Most of the hostellites went home today so the hostel’s quite empty, especially at night, and it gets kind of scary.

Talking of scares, I got a huge one tonight. I am supposed to go to my cousin’s convocation tomorrow and had sent my dress for ironing. I lost track of time and remembered 1 whole hour after the laundry room had closed =( To cut a long story short, I pestered a few people, ran a few miles (=D) and finally had them open it for me! and all this running around almost cost me my dinner.



Project 1: Day 5

So today I found out about one of the projects that I’m supposed to do, it’s 30% of my final grade and it’s so scary and big that I could easily pass it on as my Final Project =( Thankfully I have a good team to work with( I really hope they are good, fingers crossed! )

Oh I almost forgot, today I got this crazy obsession to do make-up( I’m not one for daily make-up since I have no idea how to do it). I put on my foundation and blush-on( a bit too much I think), mascara and…. a dark maroon lipstick!! I love the color!! and I found out that my (expensive) foundation, that I have barely used, expires in 5 months.

Hope you have a great day!!IMG-20160223-01319.jpg