Project 1: Day 10

I went to my cousin’s convocation today! I mean, I had to wake up at 7 in the morning and miss breakfast =( , but it was nice. However, due to some stupid reason I can’t get the whole ceremony out of mind. It’s scary! the whole prospect of leaving the security of this institution and these people, even those I’m not friends with.

I came here 3 and a half years ago. Now I have 3 months left. I never planned on coming to this place, I don’t even remember why I applied. But 2 months before I was supposed to join the university that I wanted to go to, everything changed. In these last few years I have realized that what happened was, most probably, better for me and that whatever life throws at you, you come out stronger for it. But this, in no way, is a comfort, ever. After these 3 months, I have no idea what’s going to happen, and I’m scared, like hell.

Whenever I start panicking, I try to image something nice, something relaxing. This is from the time I went hiking, the only time, in these 3 years. Isn’t it pretty? I had flu and still went for the hike. There was so much snow! and I kept slipping =Dhameeza 3.jpg


Project 1: Day 6

So I had a pretty busy day. Starting off with 2 hours of sleep, I attended classes from 11 to 7, without break! You can’t imagine my mental state by the time I got back. And I didn’t get time to eat anything, till dinner, as well. But the dinner was worth the wait, the rice were amazing!

And I made chocolate cake! It’s so crazy soft, you wouldn’t believe it. And my roomie made Mac and cheese, delicious!!!


your dream

in this life you can never guarantee anything…

you dream about something since you were little and droll at the mere thought of being able to achieve it and when you are at arms distance from achieving it…you are faced by some small thing that won’t let you move forward no matter how much you do it and now you can only think about and now your only happiness is the thought that you were so close ….

crazy ideas

as the years pass by, i am continuously troubled by one question, is it right to hate the person who taught you something in life???? i mean even if he\she did it by hurting you, they still did you a favor, right? so should you keep on hating them because of this or forgive them for they taught you something that’s gonna help you in the years to come… you were gonna learn that lesson some day.. by someone.. so why not him\her? why not now?